“Made in Japan” technology, quality, beauty, creativity to pursue a scissor TOGIYA . Across the world from Japan, companies aim to be loved the hair stylists whom around the world seeking the authentic.

「Made in Japan」の技術、品質、美しさ、創造力を追求するTOGIYAシザーを日本から世界に発信し、本物を求める世界中のヘアスタイリストに愛される企業を目指し、美容業界で「TOGIYA」を世界の信頼ブランドとして構築し続けることを使命としています。

“TOGIYA” has a corporate philosophy which we continue to build that trust in the world as a brand in the beauty industry. Respect of the business partnerships of sales distributors and cooperation of our company and our mission is to continue and to grow together. Currently, in order to further improve customer satisfaction “ high quality”, “ Development”, “ cost”, “ service” and the slogan of the staff through the business partners in the world, thanks not only to Japan, the world’s hairstylists. We are recognized as Japanese brand hairdressing scissors trust every one.


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