“Made in Japan” technology, quality, beauty, creativity, Togiya scissors is made for the professionals.

Across the world from Japan, companies aim to be loved the hair stylists & Barbers whom around the world seeking the authentic.


If you are interested in togiya’s hairdressing scissors, welcome to take a look of togiya’s Catalogue.

Togiya Scissors Series

Togiya have different series of hairdressing scissors & hair shears which suitable for every stylists. All are made in Japan and made with Japanese high quality steel.

Global Series

The Global Series is available in a wide variety of sizes from 5.0″ to 7.0″. Made of stainless steel HITACHI 440C, among Togiya products, it is a good product for beginners.

Classic Series

The basic shape is the same as the Global series, but the sizes are primarily 5.5″ and 6.0″ with adjustable screws. V-Gold No. 1 stainless steel is used for its excellent cutting edge feel and durability.

Maximum Series

The concept of these scissors is “simple” and “artistic of Japanese sword blade”.

Professional Series

Togiya hairdressing scissors for beginners, with the basic design, the price of global & Classic series is cheaper.

Designers Series

This is the basic model with emphasis on the stability of the convex blade and the offset handle.

thinning blade

Art Collection Series Ⅰ

The high end hairdressing thinning scissors & hair thinning shears of Togiya, unique design and shape, more gorgeous.

Art Collection Series Ⅱ

The high end hairdressing slider cutting scissors & hair shears of Togiya, unique design and shape, more gorgeous.

The stylish with traditional manufacture method.

High quality scissors made for professional, more different blade and handle. Also different from the basic designs, giving more selections for you to choose from.

Left hand Series

Togiya also have hairdressing scissors & hair shears for left-hander.

Barber Series

Togiya Barber Series with longer blade.


“TOGIYA” has a corporate philosophy which we continue to build that trust in the world as a “Made In Japan” brand in the hairdressing / hair cut scissors industry. Respect of the business partnerships of sales distributors and cooperation of our company and our mission is to continue and to grow together.

Currently, in order to further improve customer satisfaction “high quality”, “ Development”, “ cost”, “ service” and the slogan of the staff through the business partners in the world. Thanks not only to Japan, also the world’s hairstylists. We are recognized as Japanese hair shears brand that every one trust.

To let customer to purchase Togiya’s products more conveniently, we welcome you to visit our onlineshop and check out more about hairdressing scissors online. And for Hong Kong & Japan costumers, we could also provide sharpening hairdressing scissors service.

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