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GMT-38SB(Up side down blade)

Model No. GMT-38SB(Up side down blade) Size: 5.5″inch Blade: 38teeth with one groove (Up side down blade) Screw: Implant Screw Handle: Semi-offset Material: HITACHI 440


Model No. GMT-30S GMT-38S Size: 5.5″inch Blade: 30teeth 38teeth with one groove Screw: Implant Screw Handle: Semi-offset Material: HITACHI 440

TFT-55 TFT-60 TFT-65 TFT-70

Model No. TFT-55 TFT-60 TFT-65 TFT-70 Size: 5.5″/6.0″/6.5″/7.0″ inch Blade: Convex with Hammer Design Screw: Dial Screw Handle: 3D Material: Molybdiem Steel with Hammer Design


Model No. BOLERO-570 BOLERO-620 Size: 5.7″/6.2″ inch Blade: Wide Bamboo Leaf Screw: Adjustment Screw Handle: 3D Material: Damascus Steel

Allure-55 Allure-60 Allure-65

Model No. Allure-55 Allure-60 Allure-65 Size: 5.5″/6.0″/6.5″ inch Blade: Propellar Screw: Swarovski Stone Adjustment Screw Handle: Anamorphic 3D with Swarovski Stone Material: HITACHI 314

HSP-53 HSP-58 HSP-63 HSP-68

Model No. HSP-53 HSP-58 HSP-63 HSP-68 Size: 5.3″/5.8″/6.3″/6.8″ inch Blade: Propellar Screw: Implant Screw Handle: Anamorphic 3D Material: High Speed Powder Steel