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TOGIYA History

Founded 1965 Mr.Tatsuya Miyata inherited Japanese traditional techniques from his father used to be scissors craftsman, and he chance to run in the world as the steel material handling business community, touching the hair stylists around the same time, most of our stylists who are scissors not satisfied to know that they are seeking a real Japanese scissors and cost-effective high-quality “ Made in Japan” to supply the world of development scissor “ TOGIYA “ has launched.

Incorporation 1999 Your personal maintenance ( sharpening ) to companies that can be associated for a long time, “ TOGIYA “ company name that is for a brand name, and the origin came from sharpening ( TOGIYA ).

Made in JAPAN We pursue Japanese scissors that a new trend adopted, not only traditional techniques, many in and around Tokyo salon, the stylists who has published many research and development and the new scissors. And now we reached the point of selling 20 or more countries.


Found: 1965
Incorporation: 1999
Representative: Tatsuya Miyata
President and Representative Director
Chief Executive Officer
Company Address:
Head Office and Factory: 48-1 Todomegi Hashizume, Inuyama City, Aichi Japan 484-0076
Tel: +81 568 62 2164
Office and Show Room: 9-50 Nishimukaihatake Haguro, Inuyama City, Aichi Japan 484-0894
Tel: +81 568 54 1368
Italy Sharpening Office: C/o Lercari giambeppe
Via Libero Alborno, 14
18030 Ventimiglia(IM)
Tel: +39 3479712114

The Pleasure of Cutting

「Made in Japan」の技術、品質、美しさ、創造力を追求するTOGIYAシザーを日本から世界に発信し、本物を求める世界中のヘアスタイリストに愛される企業を目指し、美容業界で「TOGIYA」を世界の信頼ブランドとして構築し続けることを使命としています。

The Satisfaction of Sharpening


The Pursuit of Genuine



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