CPT-38SB(Up side down blade)

CPT-38SBCPT-30 CPT-38CPT-30 CPT-38 teethIMG01IMG02IMG03IMG04 Model No.CPT-38SB(Up side down blade)Size:5.5″inchBlade:38teeth with one groove (Up side down blade)Screw:Dial ScrewHandle:3DMaterial:V Gold No.1 online shop

CPT-30 CPT-38

CPT-30 CPT-38CPT-30 CPT-38 teethCPT-38SBIMG01IMG02IMG03IMG04 Model No.CPT-30 CPT-38Size:5.5″inchBlade:30teeth 38teeth with one grooveScrew:Dial ScrewHandle:Semi-offsetMaterial:V Gold No.1 online shop

GMT-38SB(Up side down blade)

GMT-38SB upside down bladeGMT-30S GMT-38SGMT-30S GMT-38S teethIMG01IMG02IMG03 Model No.GMT-38SB(Up side down blade)Size:5.5″inchBlade:38teeth with one groove (Up side down blade)Screw:Implant ScrewHandle:Semi-offsetMaterial:HITACHI 440 online shop


GMT-30S GMT-38SGMT-38SB upside down bladeGMT-30S GMT-38S teethIMG01IMG02IMG03 Model No.GMT-30S GMT-38SSize:5.5″inchBlade:30teeth 38teeth with one grooveScrew:Implant ScrewHandle:Semi-offsetMaterial:HITACHI 440 online shop


GMT-30B GMT-38B GMT-30 GMT-38 GMT-30 GMT-38 Model No.GMT-30B GMT-38BSize:5.5″inchBlade:30/38 teeth with one groove (Up side down blade)Screw:Minus ScrewHandle:Semi-OffsetMaterial:HITACHI 440 online shop

GMT-30 GMT-38

GMT-30 GMT-38 GMT-38B Model No.GMT-30 GMT-38Size:6.0″inchBlade:36teeth with one grooveScrew:Dial ScrewHandle:OffsetMaterial:V Gold No.1 online shop


CST-38B Model No.CST-38BSize:5.5″inchBlade:Up side down,38teeth with one grooveScrew:Minus ScrewHandle:Semi-OffsetMaterial:V Gold No.1 online shop

MKS-55 MKS-60


MKS-55 MKS-60SWORD BLADEIMG01IMG02IMG03MKS-55LEFTY Model No.MKS-55 MKS-60Size:5.5″/6.0″ inchBlade:SwordScrew:Dial ScrewHandle:OffsetMaterial:Gold V No.1 online shop

DSW-55 DSW-60

DSW-55 DSW-60IMG01 IMG02 Model No.DSW-55 DSW-60Size:5.5″/6.0″ inchBlade:ConvexScrew:Dial ScrewHandle:Anamorphic 3D SwivelMaterial:HITACHI 314 online shop